• Sun, Jun 07
    Mother India Retreat June 2020
    June 2020 Mother India Retreat with Kaya Announced!
  • Sat, Jan 18
    Pullenvale Hall
    Applied Anatomy & Physiology with Simon Borg Olivier
    We are delighted to host the amazing Simon Borg Olivier again for this life changing exploration of Anatomy and Physiology- Simon truly is a master in the field!
  • Sun, Nov 11
    Inner Journey with Kaya
    Reiki Level 1- Comprehensive Training & Attunement with Kaya
    Have you been experimenting with energy lately? Perhaps feeling a more heightened sense of energy you are curious about? Maybe you have experienced Reiki and learnt first hand how powerful and transformational this kind of work is?
  • Tue, Oct 23
    Inner Journey with KAYA
    Kids Yoga in Kenmore
    Yoga is a great way to teach our children how to be calm, while gaining an awareness of their bodies, self-control and discipline.
  • Fri, Sep 28
    Ithaca Creek State School
    Yoga Therapy Training with Simon Borg Olivier
    Under the guidance of master teacher Simon Borg Olivier learn how to use posture, movement and breathing to maintain and enhance health and longevity, as well as to recover more rapidly from musculoskeletal and medical conditions.

“A massage with Kaya is a privilege to be experienced. As a physiotherapist & having had many massages, being on the receiving end of bodywork with Kaya exceeds all expectations of the outcome of the treatment.

This is not a recipe massage. Kaya has a unique intuitive ability to be able to discern what your body & being needs at that time. I leave feeling sublime”

— Nicole Svencis - Physiotherapist and Pilates Teacher


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