doTERRA Essential Oils

Do you want to amplify your physical and emotional wellbeing, self care practices, daily rituals for nourishment and your connection to the gifts of mama nature?


Yes, you can do all that (and more) with essential oils! These are the worlds best medicinal quality essential oils sourced with sustainability, ethics, purity and consciousness.

Start earning points for free oils You can set up your monthly Loyalty Rewards order for the following month. Ship before the 15th at 125PV and you'll also receive the free oil/product of the month plus earn points.

Please contact me if you have any difficulties or questions, 0451 984 003 or info@innerjourneywithkaya.com

Once you've placed your order, I'll be in touch with a raft of helpful information and support for you to access so you're best able to utilise your oils for maximum therapeutic benefits.

Kaya Slater

Independent Wellness Advocate 

“A massage with Kaya is a privilege to be experienced. As a physiotherapist & having had many massages, being on the receiving end of bodywork with Kaya exceeds all expectations of the outcome of the treatment.

This is not a recipe massage. Kaya has a unique intuitive ability to be able to discern what your body & being needs at that time. I leave feeling sublime”

— Nicole Svencis - Physiotherapist and Pilates Teacher


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