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Holistic Counselling








I want to make sure we all have to opportunity to remain connected and grounded during these uncertain times, which is why I'm now offering Live Virtual Yoga Classes from my home studio directly to your home.

I'll be offering 10 class passes that are valid for 6 weeks and unlimited 2 week passes, so you can tune in whenever it suits you best.

Kaya designs holistic health programs, and offers transformative healing sessions for individuals from all walks of life who are ready to heal past trauma, to remove deep seated blocks, to let go of old stories and to live healthier happier, more balanced lives. 


Weaving together an umbrella of Chakra focused modalities including Yoga, Meditation, Ancient Ritual, Counselling, Energy work and Bodywork, Kaya will facilitate you on your journey of self healing through self discovery. 

Time to take back control of your life, one Chakra at a time. 

Massage, Reiki, Body Work & Energy Healing

Transformational Body work, Energy Healing and Massage Available. Kaya offers a deeply sacred and supportive space to take you on your healing journey, with hands labelled as 'magic' prepare to be held and nurtured.

doTerra Essential Oils

Do you want to amplify your physical and emotional wellbeing, self care practices?

 Yes, you can do all that (and more) with essential oils! 

Sept Special Offer

Get one Free doTERRA facial Massage with

all bookings for Massage or Reiki

“A massage with Kaya is a privilege to be experienced. As a physiotherapist & having had many massages, being on the receiving end of bodywork with Kaya exceeds all expectations of the outcome of the treatment.

This is not a recipe massage. Kaya has a unique intuitive ability to be able to discern what your body & being needs at that time. I leave feeling sublime”

— Nicole Svencis - Physiotherapist and Pilates Teacher


email: info@innerjourneywithkaya.com

tel: 0451 984 003

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